Friday, October 25, 2013

Todo.txt workflow for Alfred

Using Alfred on OSX over the past few months has been such a revelation. When I design for software, I usually tend to work either with my Wacom pen and tablet in hand when I'm sketching / drawing, or with both hands on the keyboard when I'm coding.

When I'm doing the latter, I really appreciate Alfred's keyboard-based everything so that I can keep both hands on the keyboard and just get on with things.

For those who haven't tried it, Alfred is kind of like a combination of the Search Box in the Windows Start Menu and AutoHotKey - the automation tool for Windows.

Recently, I found an automation Workflow in Alfred that allows you to access Todo.txt from within Alfred. It's available on GitHub here:

The workflow does require that you have Todo.txt, which is a really awesome todo list app that uses a simple text file to keep track of your todos:

And you'll also need Alfred with the paid-for PowerPack:

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