Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oh my!

And here you thought this was going to be a serious blog. No seriously.

This is the strangest Christmas present idea I've seen all year. Give the gift that keeps on giving - send your loved ones herpes (in plush toy form) here.

The website has an entire section on venereals (other choices include gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis), as well as calamities (such as ebola, typhoid and mad cow). Or how about sending your loved ones some staph, MRSA or toxic mold? Don't you wish all microbes were so cute and cuddly?

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knwd said...

They have these guys at as well:

I bought my friend (a nurse who spent way too many hours studying microbiology) the Common Cold soap dispenser for Christmas:

ThinkGeek is where I buy all of my husband's Christmas presents. They have lots of great stuff for engineering geeks and various other technology-loving(-but-socially-challenged) individuals.