Thursday, January 3, 2008

How It All Ends.

While not about health care per se, I found this series of videos on Global Climate Change to be intelligent and fascinating. And if the worst case scenarios of GCC were to come to fruition (God forbid), we will have, amongst myriad other disasters, a health care crisis like none the world has ever known.

Definitely watch the first video "How It All Ends" and pick and choose others that you think you might like. I found "Nature of Science," "Risk Management," "Mechanics of GCC" and "Scare Tactics" to be particularly interesting.

In a show of utter procrastination, I watched all six hours of videos, but you don't have to do the same. Be aware though that the videos are addictive, and you may end up clicking on link after link until six hours have passed by, and then your wife or girlfriend turns to you and asks you what the heck you are watching on the internet at two in the morning.

Here it is -- the link to a website that has all the videos in sequence:

And here is the first video "How It All Ends" on YouTube:

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