Thursday, August 1, 2013

Transforming empathy into action

BioBeats, the healthcare + entertainment startup that I work for, just came out of stealth mode. Here is a reprint of my blog piece about our aspirations for what we are up to.
Technology always has had the ability to make things go faster, be more powerful, work more efficiently 
Think of the agrarian revolution. The industrial revolution. The Internet revolution. 
In today’s world where Moore’s Law holds sway and the capabilities of the digital and technological doubles every eighteen months, we now hold more raw computational power in the devices in our pockets than in all of the computers combined that were used to send people to the moon. 
But more importantly, the sensor-laden technology that we carry and are beginning to wear has become more personal and more integrated into our daily lives. They are our constant companions and we relate to them and through them in ways we never have before. 
As this trend continues and more bits of intelligence are embedded into our environment (the Internet of Things) and in ourselves (Quantified Self & Augmented Self), we have the enormous opportunity to design and re-imagine how healthcare can work in a world where everyone and everything literally is connected. 
It all begins by marrying technology with design thinking to help people become more mindful of themselves and to develop empathy with others. 
Through technology AND design, we can transform empathy and understanding into action and healthcare interventions that can have reach and scale. 
And we are enlisting all of our abilities to do so. Rooted in science and medicine, guided by design thinking and embodied through technology, we are dreaming as big as we can dream to design a connected world of better health. 
Will you join us on our journey?

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