Monday, March 22, 2010

Synaptics multitouch driver for PC touchpads.

This tip has been making the rounds on tech blogs like Engadget. But in case you missed it:

Basically, the HP support site has posted a driver update from touchpad manufacturer Synaptics that enables two-finger scrolling, three-finger flicks and other gestures on laptops with Synaptics touchpads that didn’t previously support multitouch.

The WHQL-certified driver works on many older laptops with Synaptics touchpads including those that aren’t HP branded.

This solution beats previous attempts at unlocking multitouch that involved hacked drivers, messing with the registry and disabling signed-driver checks in Win7 x64.

It works brilliantly on my two year old Dell m1330. No more multitouch envy of those white Apple MacBooks.

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