Saturday, November 28, 2009

Print to OneNote 2007 / Win7 64-bit workaround with SnagIt.

Running a 64-bit OS means that all my technical computing programs have access to much more memory than previously in a 32-bit OS. And Windows finally can see all 4GB of RAM in my laptop.

But Microsoft requires all the device drivers to be 64-bit as well, which unfortunately broke the ever-so-useful “Print to OneNote” feature that came with Office 2007.

One solution is from OneNote guru David Rasmussen who has developed an open source workaround called XPS2OneNote:

However, for some reason this failed to work on my computer.

I’ve discovered that SnagIt, another little program that I bought some time ago, also has a virtual printer that you can send output to from any program.

Then you can easily route these printouts into OneNote by using the SnagIt / OneNote output accessory which is available here:

Although it is not free, SnagIt also allows you to perform some cool graphical edits and annotation before sending the content on its way to OneNote. Info on SnagIt can be found here:

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